On December 3, 2018, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Dr. Ricardo Rosselló, signed into law a significant amendment to the Puerto Rico Insurance Code regarding medical malpractice cases.  The new law authorizes judges presiding over medical malpractice cases to appoint a three-member panel that will render a preliminary opinion on whether the medical malpractice claim is frivolous. The panel will be composed of an attorney or former judge, a health professional, and a public interest member. If the panel finds that the claim is frivolous, it will recommend to the court the imposition of a bond for the plaintiff to continue with the case. If the case is dismissed, the bond will cover the defendant’s costs and attorney’s fees. A previous attempt to create medical malpractice panels was declared unconstitutional. Velez Ruiz v. E.L.A., 111 D.P.R. 752 (1981) (compulsory binding arbitration panel for medical malpractice cases is unconstitutional).

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