The PR Secretary of Labor issued Opinion 2022-04, to clarify private employers’ obligations to pay the Christmas Bonus after the adoption of Act No. 41-2022, which amends the 2017 Labor Reform.

In a summary, the Opinion states that this year’s obligation to pay the Christmas Bonus arose on October 1, 2022, when Act No. 41-2022 was in full force and effect for all employers in Puerto Rico. Thus, employers are required to pay the Christmas Bonus taking into consideration seven hundred (700) or nine hundred (900) hours of work during the coverage period as described below:



Hire date




Minimum worked hours 




Minimum Christmas Bonus payment

Before January 26, 2017700 hours or more for most employers6% of the total salary, up to $10,000
January 26, 2017, and after




Applies to the 2022 Christmas Bonus payment

700 hours or more for most employers




900 hours or more who work for PyMEs

3% of the total salary, capped at $600 maximum bonus




$300 maximum bonus cap for employers with 20 employees or less

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