Effective until February 28, 2020 San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The United States Coast Guard (“USCG”) has extended the temporary rule that established a safety zone for transportation of liquified gas carriers.  The previous rule, designed to protect personnel, transiting vessels, and liquified propane gas carriers, was effective until Novmeber15, 2019.  The new temporary rule, which also sets a safety zone for the transportation of natural gas, will remain in effect until February 28, 2020.

The regulation establishes a one-half mile around liquified gas carriers entering the San Juan Harbor; it begins one mile north of the San Juan Harbor #1 Sea Buoy, continuing until the vessels are moored at the Puma Energy Dock, the Cataño Oil Dock, or Wharf B. The safety zone rule also establishes a 50-yard radius around each vessel when moored at any of these three docks.  The USCG will broadcast notice of the safety zone to mariners via VHF-FM, marine channel 16, as well as through on-site representatives.

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